New Delhi, 23rd April 2015:  Google India bags the 5th edition of the Randstad Award 2015 for the ‘Most Attractive Employer’ in India, followed by Sony India who has won the Runner-Up position. The sectoral specific special recognition awards this year has been awarded to Tata Steel for Manufacturing, P&G for FMCG and Honda India for Automobile verticals. The Randstad Award 2015 gala event will be held at The Taj Palace, New Delhi on April 23rd, from 6 pm onwards. 

In line with the Randstad Award philosophy, Microsoft India has been inducted into the Hall of Fame category this year for winning the coveted Randstad Award title for four consecutive years. The Randstad Award is hosted each year to encourage best practices for talent attraction and to identify the best ‘Employer Brand’ in the country based on perceived attractiveness of a company. The Randstad Award survey is the world’s largest independent employer branding survey that gives unique insights and the 5th year of this research in India captured the views of more than 8500 respondents, who chose the nation’s most attractive employer brand for 2015. 

Globally, this research covered 23 countries, capturing the views of over 225,000 respondents. The Randstad Award 2015 event will host an august audience of CXOs, HR heads and stalwarts from various industries. The panel discussion at the event will see eminent speakers from across industry verticals to bring in perspectives on the much debated topic, ‘Secrets of successful employer branding’. Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Moorthy K Uppaluri, CEO, Randstad India said, “The revitalized Indian economy and the job market continues to gain momentum, and this puts pressure on corporate India to retain and attract the best talent. The context for building strong employer brands has never been more important for organizations to build, maintain and enhance their reputation as desirable employers in a highly competitive marketplace.

Mr. Uppaluri added, “For the last five years, Randstad Award survey is adding value to the entire HR fraternity and CXOs in the country by being the truest reflection of insights from the potential employees, thereby spearheading the employer branding evolution in the country. It is interesting to observe the shift in priorities and how the drivers behind an employee’s desire to stay with an employer have changed over the years. This year’s survey results clearly show that work-life balance and career growth opportunities are the main factors for the Indian workforce to stay with an employer, in addition to competitive salary. Taking a cue from the survey findings, I can say that this is the right time for India better articulate and strengthen their employer brand to attract, manage and retain the top talent”.

Key findings on the choice of employer

This year’s research clearly shows that salary and employee benefits continue to be the top priority among the Indian workforce while choosing an employer. The importance of salary has 
increased even further since last year (7% increase from 2014) followed by long-term job security. 

Top 5 influencing factors

Salary & employee benefits (54%), long-term job security (49%), work-life balance (39%), pleasant working atmosphere (39%), and financial health of the company (38%) are the top five preferred criteria while choosing an employer. 

By Gender

The survey highlights that men in India are more often tend to be driven towards companies  with a good financial health, a strong management and one that offer career progression opportunities. Women, on the other hand, prefer a pleasant working atmosphere, good work-life balance, convenient location and flexible working arrangements. 

By Age

There is a greater preference for employers who offer good training, international career opportunities and interesting job content among the younger workforce aged between 18-24 years. For India’s workforce aged between 25 - 44 years and 45 - 65 years, competitive salary, job security, financial stability and health of the company remain major drivers when looking for an employer. More than the younger workforce, they also value pleasant working atmosphere and strong management in the company they work or want to work for.

By Education

Salary and employee benefits and long-term job security are the top priorities for all the respondents irrespective of their educational background, however for the secondary and lower education group, the importance of good work life balance is significantly lower than respondents with a bachelor’s and master’s degree. On the other hand, the importance given to the financial health of the company was much higher for respondents within the secondary and lower education group. Career progression opportunities features as one of the most important factor for respondents with a master’s and higher educational qualification.

Work Life Balance:

Good work life balance is emerging as one of the most important factors for an employee to stay with the current employer (42%). Promoting work-life balance could be a great asset also to attract at least 23%, the proportion of workforce that left their employers for this reason. Social media platforms are the most popular channels for job seekers There has been a major shift observed in how people go ahead with their job search. The survey reveals that 66% of the job seekers in India use social networking sites to look for jobs.

Top 3 most attractive sectors:

According to the survey, the Indian workforce prefers to work or move to sectors like IT and Communication (72%) followed by FMCG and retail (68%) and Automobiles (67%).