Randstad Workmonitor Survey Q3 2012
 India Inc faces challenges in finding the right talent, trend to intensify over the next 3 years: Randstad Survey
 Chennai, 17th October 2012: Indian employers have trouble finding highly qualified people and this trend is set to continue for the next 3 years, reveals Randstad India’s latest global Workmonitor Survey 2012, a quarterly review that tracks jobseekers confidence and provides a comprehensive understanding of job market sentiment and trends relating to the employment market across 32 countries. 

The survey shows that 65% of survey respondents predict a challenge to find highly qualified people in their respective organizations. This is much higher than the world average of 48%. And, 65% of respondents believe that this talent crunch will continue to intensify for their businesses for the next three years. Also, 82% of the employees surveyed feel that their current job is a good match to their education or field of study. This is significantly higher in India than the rest of the world, where the average is a little over two-third. From the survey results it is evident in India that more employees follow their education with a job in a similar field than in the rest of the world. 

Commenting on the findings, Mr. E. Balaji, MD & CEO, Randstad India said, “Corporate India is facing challenges to find the right talent and there is no denial about it. With the economy showing signs of growth, coupled with proactive reforms, the situation will accentuate further. If businesses have to shape their world of work with the right talent, they have to strengthen their Training & Development function. It is a good development to note that Indian businesses are working on this aspect as our survey shows.” 

Other key findings from India report: 

Field of Study and Job: The survey also reveals that, in India, more than half of employees (55%) are overqualified and one third are under-qualified for their current jobs. Six out of ten employees see others working below their level of education. Up to 68% see many colleagues working above their education level (44% average). 

Training / Education and Career Opportunities: About 75% of the respondents agreed that their organization invests additionally for their training/ Education. Of this, a majority (79%) of employees in the age group of 25-34 said their organization invests additionally for their training/education while a significantly lesser 51% in the age group of 55-64 said their organization invests additionally for their training/education. 

About 77% of surveyed respondents said that their organisation offers sufficient career opportunities. 

According to the survey, by education career opportunities are said to be more amongst those with those with low education [100%] and high education [78%] vis-a-vis those with moderate education [59%]. 

Mobility Index: Amongst all the countries surveyed, India has the highest index of 142. This is in line with the findings that emerged in all the previous nine quarterly surveys conducted since Q1 2010. While the finding per se is not new, its consistent trend over nine surveys confirms that the war for talent continues to be a major challenge for organizations in India. 

About Randstad Workmonitor: 

The Workmonitor is aimed at a scientific understanding of employees’ intent to change jobs over the next six months. While this is the central objective of the study, a few other aspects such as opinions about qualification and job match, finding qualified / right employees, availability of highly qualified and less qualified staff, employers’ interest in employees training needs and career opportunities. Essentially, the work monitor is a ‘lead indicator’ on employee mobility that can enable organizational preparedness for future scenarios. 

The Randstad Workmonitor was launched in 2003, and now covers 32 countries around the world, encompassing Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. The Randstad Workmonitor is published four times a year, making both local and global trends in mobility regularly visible over time. 

The Mobility Index, which tracks employee confidence and captures expectations surrounding the likelihood of changing employers within a six month time frame, provides a comprehensive understanding of job market sentiments and employee trends. In addition to measuring mobility, also employee satisfaction and personal motivation, as well as a rotating set of themed questions are part of the survey. 

The quantitative study is conducted via an online questionnaire among a population aged 18-65, working a minimum of 24 hours a week in a paid job (not self-employed). The minimal sample size is 400 interviews per country, using Survey Sampling International. 

About Randstad India 

Randstad India offers the broadest HR services portfolio ranging from Staffing, Search & Selection, HR Solutions and Inhouse Services. The organisation has a vast network of offices across the country to be within the reach of clients, candidates and flexi workers. 

The company, previously called Ma Foi is a leader in the HR services industry in India for the past 20 years and became part of Randstad through its global acquisition of Vedior in 2008. Randstad is the global #2 HR services provider active in 40 countries across the globe. 

Randstad India continues to focus on developing customised and innovative HR services, leveraging on its unique strengths of geographical presence and end-to-end capability across all HR service functions. 

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About Randstad 

Randstad specializes in solutions in the field of flexible work and human resources services. Our services range from regular temporary staffing and permanent placement to inhouse, professionals, search & selection, and HR Solutions. The Randstad Group is one of the leading HR services providers in the world with top three positions in Argentina, Belgium & Luxembourg, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, India, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the United States as well as major positions in Australia and Japan. End 2011 Randstad had approximately 28,700 corporate employees and around 4,700 branches and inhouse locations in 40 countries around the world. 

Randstad generated revenue of € 16.2 billion in 2011. Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands. Randstad Holding nv is listed on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam, where options for stocks in Randstad are also traded. 

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