As per Randstad India, an HR services company, a strong employer brand plays a key role in attracting talent and positively impacts the hiring process. For example, Google or Microsoft have become big brands and the preferred choices for job seekers because they offer an exciting workplace where one can earn, learn, and grow. This means that by developing their brand and aligning it with long-term business needs, organisations can have an edge over their competitors.

According to the Randstad Awards – India Report, the attractiveness of employer brands increased by 4% globally, while in India attractiveness of employer brands improved by 2%. It was noted that the five most important attributes when choosing an employer were competitive salary and employee benefits, long-term job security, financially healthy organisations, good work-life balance, and a pleasant working atmosphere. So how are companies focusing on building themselves as brands? And how is brand-building impacting potential employees? Experts say it goes beyond designer offices, colourful logos and big salaries. 

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