In light of today's economic landscape, as companies emerge from slower growth towards brighter opportunities, business leaders are demanding more value from the human resource team. More and more organizations are shifting their approach from a traditional 'product centric' approach to a more 'customer centric' focused approach. More than ever before, customers now have the power to decide how, when and whether they will do business with a particular company. As a result, companies can no longer afford to cling to the idea that "if we build it, they will come," because maybe they won't.

Customers today expect companies to provide a pleasant, productive and personalized experience that makes them feel special. Smart companies are responding to these changing customer expectations by putting customers first, engaging them in new ways, and focusing on customer service and satisfaction. This can be effectively accomplished if your internal customer i.e. your employees, are aligned to the company's strategy and goals. The question is then, are your HR practices geared for a transformational shift from traditional human resource management (HRM) to customer experience management (CXM) culture?

The author, Soma Pandey, is director - HR,  Randstad India

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