Distance factor

Employees, increasingly, are citing commuting issues as a reason to leave a company. This is also becoming a major factor that employees are factoring in before joining a new company, said an HR manager of a leading software company on condition of anonymity. The situation is similar to some schools that insist students should be living within 5 km of the school to be eligible for admission.When it comes to companies, employees, too, prefer to live within a distance of 5-10 km from their workplace as they often work more than 12 hours, he said. About 40 per cent of the employees surveyed admit that commuting is an issue. This trend is prevalent in sectors like the information technology, ITeS, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and engineering.

Telecommuting options

“We see companies offering flexi office timings and operating during non-peak hours to ensure their employees do not face such issues. Work from home options is largely seen in the IT space, but we haven’t seen its adoption in other sectors,” he said. Aditya Narayan Mishra, President-Staffing, Randstad India, too, agrees that commute is increasingly becoming important as a criterion for selecting a prospective employer. This is more prevalent among women owing to family responsibilities and health related concerns.

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