Access to a swanky gym, library and exclusive club memberships with Saturday brunches to boot – the new-gen employee has it all and doesn’t even have to pay for it! The company will pick up the tab. Over the years, organisations seem to have found the perfect recipe to position themselves as an attractive prospect to talented jobseekers. The recipe: Take a set of conventional employee benefit plans such as PF, workmen compensation, medical and accident insurance, and add a dash of secondary benefits, which seal the deal, such as flexi-time, gyms, childcare, and gaming rooms to it – and your engagement strategy is ready!

It’s all about the frills

“We have a large percentage of gen Y employees, belonging to different lifestyle and their needs are different. They usually come straight from an engineering or an MBA institute. It is interesting to see the kinds of benefits they want, which are quite different from the conventional benefits,” says Kanika Vaish, Associate Director, Corporate HR, Emerson Electric Co.

Emerson has over 10,000 employees and offers a number of facilities, such as flexi-time, the option to work from home, gyms, libraries, a cafeteria and recreation rooms, as secondary benefits. Mamta Kanuga, Senior Knowledge Consultant at SHRM India agrees with Vaish. The Gen-Y employee’s approach to his/her work life is quite different from his predecessors. They aren’t signing up for a job as a life-long commitment. To be able to stick around, they need and want personalised treatment and portability of benefits, says Knuga.