Moorthy K. Uppaluri, Managing Director & CEO of Randstad India, is bullish about the increase in the number of temporary workers, known locally as flexi-workers, working for Randstad, according to an interview.Mr Uppaluri stated: “We are excited with the opportunity that India beholds for multiple reasons. Typically, when there is uncertainty, whether it is GDP or growth rate, a leading indicator that the economy has taken off is the flexi-staffing.”

“Whether it is manufacturing or knowledge-based industry, when there is a sudden growth that the industry is experiencing, they will go with flexi-workers instead of permanent staff until they are sure that the growth trend will sustain. The moment the growth is coming up, clients would tell us they need a few flexi-workers.”

“Once the growth is sustained, then they will say can we have them as permanent workers. So, there is a conversion that happens from flexi-staff in Randstad’s rolls to permanent staff in client’s payrolls.”

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