HR experts say that as far as possible comments should be restricted to work and to some extent to professional attire that one wears to meetings. But with the personal and the professional crossing paths, thanks to proliferation of social media, the thin line between personal and professional identities have become blurred. It is, therefore, natural that colleagues comment on images, messages, videos or blogs that one may post online.

Complimenting a co-worker totally depends on the personal equation one shares with the recipient. To be on the safe side, it is recommended that such remarks be passed only while having a one-on-one conversation. Also, if an employee is comfortable with a colleague and both share a rapport or if the organisation culture is informal, such comments should not be taken otherwise, says Soma Pandey, director -HR, Randstad India. One should, however, refrain from passing remarks if the recipient shows any sign of discomfort. Another important factor to be considered is the cultural background of the person and the environment one works in, she adds.Also, every individual has the freedom to set boundaries and be vocal about his or her comfort zones.

“If you are uncomfortable, it is important to let your co-worker know about the same, either directly or indirectly. At times, unnecessary attention becomes uncomfortable and embarrassing. To avoid such situations, it may be good idea to think before speaking,” she says.

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