Security Advice : Randstad India does not charge any fee at any stage of its recruitment process from the candidate nor allows their employees to collect any fees from any candidates.
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social responsibility 

It’s everyone’s job to give back to the society in which we operate.

Society demands collaboration, and since our inception in 1960 we’ve been aware that our success depends on everyone working together – both inside and outside of our business.

‘Simultaneous promotion of all interests’

This is one of our core business values and highlights the responsibility we feel towards the people and communities we serve, worldwide.

We take pride in our ability to find suitable jobs for temporary workers, and ideal candidates for our clients; but our commitment to society does not stop there.

Randstad has a far-reaching partnership with VSO. This public – private partnership started in 2004 and is fully in line with Randstad’s long-standing commitment to sustainability. This year we celebrate the 10th anniversary of Randstad and VSO working side by side to fight poverty around the globe. Together, we have achieved a lot and we will continue to work towards building a more inclusive and sustainable society.

Our desire to apply our knowledge and skills to help alleviate poverty in communities outside our regular remit was a deciding factor in partnering with VSO. While Randstad and VSO operate in a very different context, we essentially do the same thing: we both match people to the right jobs. Therefore it makes sense to apply the knowledge and experience of one partner to help strengthen the work of the other. VSO’s core activity is matching volunteers’ skills with the needs of communities in the developing world. By calling upon Randstad’s core competencies and leveraging our network, VSO can stimulate even more positive change. 

Commitment to the partnership is group-wide; many of our operating companies have taken up activities to help raise awareness of VSO, increase volunteer numbers, and offer the possibility to volunteer to their staff. Randstad supports VSO in three ways: 

  • recruitment: we help VSO recruit volunteers across the world while also encouraging our own staff to volunteer through VSO for up to 9 months, be it in their home country or abroad
  • strategic and practical support: using our deep functional and industry expertise, we provide advice in areas such as recruitment, HR, marketing, business concepts and legal issues. We also offer VSO use of our offices and work spaces, so that VSO might host (recruitment) events in a wider range of geographies
  • financial support