augmented reality

A new way of sharing information and interaction capabilities is here - Augmented Reality (AR). By 2020, the number of augmented reality users is set to reach 1 billion. The immersive experiences created by AR are being sought after by a number of organisations. As a result, AR professionals are in high demand with Augmented Reality jobs steadily growing.

early stage

Professionals interested in pursuing a career in Augmented Reality must have some skills and qualifications in their arsenal to ride the AR wave:

  • Degree in Engineering and thorough knowledge of Applied Mathematics
  • Deep knowledge of social/web-based content
  • Knowledge of User Experience (UX) Mobile Design
  • Computer Vision
  • 3D Modelling for Native App Development
  • Low-Level Programming Language knowledge
  • Mobile Programming (such as IOS or Android)
  • Knowledge of relevant SDKs such as HoloLens, etc.
  • Marker Detection

Though AR does not create artificial environments, it blends the virtual with the real to create an extended reality. At the entry level, professionals can expect some key roles in their Augmented Reality job description – collecting information to support software project management, troubleshooting basic software issues, assisting in the process of documentation, algorithms, and designing of software systems, developing codes and integrating software components into a wholly functional software system, etc.

Following are some industries where Augmented Reality jobs in India are growing rapidly:

  • Healthcare – Develop interactive 3D models for communicating ailments and treatments
  • Marketing – Design AR-based brochures, posters, billboards, etc.
  • Education – Develop interactive models and platforms for learners
  • Travel and Tourism – Design 360-degree tours of hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.
  • Manufacturing – Build 3D product prototypes to minimize errors and improve efficiency

career path

Since Augmented Reality is a fairly new career field, the opportunities are many with attractive Augmented Reality jobs salary. Presently, the following Augmented Reality job opportunities are open to those keen on pursuing a career in the field:

  • Augmented Reality Developer Jobs or an AR Developer – AR developers develop feature-rich AR apps for IOS and Android platforms leveraging the technologies of Facial Recognition, Print Marker Detection, Object Overlay, and Location Tracking
  • Design Architect – They design the interior as well the exterior of the devices that are used for experience Augmented Reality
  • Unity Developer – If you choose the career option of a Unity Developer, your responsibilities will somewhat be similar to those of a computer programmer. Unity Developers typically work in program teams to develop applications and software using design plans

In addition to technical skills, pursuing a course in Psychology is helpful for a better understanding of how people perceive a virtual experience, thereby allowing you to develop ideal user experiences.

what the future holds

AR and VR will soon merge and when this happens, the lines between the virtual and the real world will practically disappear. From allowing a glimpse of what a potential house would look like (with your choice of interior décor) to allowing you to try-on clothes in the comfort of your own home before you make a purchase, the merging of AR-VR will give us the power to do it all. Though AR is still at a nascent stage, it will soon turn into a multi-billion dollar industry.