A 2018 report claims that more than 80% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy in place. It also finds that cloud solution architect jobs grew from 56% in 2017 to 61% in 2018. With cloud strategies becoming crucial for modern organisations, cloud architects such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) solution architects are in great demand. A career in AWS architecture and other cloud frameworks is best suited for individuals with strong technical and interpersonal skills.

early stage

Entry-level AWS solutions architect jobs require the following hard and soft skills:

  •  Application architecture
  • Governance
  • Integration architecture
  • Networking
  • Security
  • AWS
  • MySQL
  • Java
  • Procurement and vendor management
  • Project management skills
  • Analytical ability

At the entry-level, the AWS solution architect job description includes duties such as creating automated scripts, developing work processes, defining parameters for cloud architectures, creating automated systems, and executing cloud deployments. More details on cloud architect job description and salary are listed below.

Some top industries that offer AWS solution architect jobs and Azure solution architect jobs:

  • Healthcare – Facilitating communication between doctors and patients, storing and keeping records updated, simplifying data entry
  • Education – Improve learning experience, provide all information and curriculum in one place, improve teacher-student collaboration
  • Automotive – Store inventory and data in one place, facilitate easy access to data
  • Insurance – Improve sales processes, easy communication between agents and customers, store customer data in one place for tracking and improving efficiency

career path

A career in cloud computing and architecture can take shape along different paths:

  • AWS Cloud ArchitectAWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate jobs involve securing the certification and then designing and deploying scalable and fault-tolerant cloud environments on the AWS platform. The AWS cloud solution architect job description will also sometimes include testing functions
  • Azure – Azure architecture jobs involve designing cloud solutions, running workloads, and integrating infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Google Cloud – Leveraging Google Cloud technology to design and develop scalable and dynamic cloud solutions

To land AWS architect jobs, a Bachelor’s degree in IT or computer science is a must. Many certification and professional development programs are also available to hone skills. Professionals possessing an IT background can choose from the many professional certifications to improve their career prospects - AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect, IBM Cloud Computing Solution Architect. Of these, AWS is the most widely used cloud services provider.

what the future holds

The cloud computing and architecture field is flourishing with AWS solution architect associates in great demand. Naturally, cloud architect salary packages are extremely rewarding and growth possibilities endless. To become an AWS architect associate, however, technical skills by themselves don’t suffice. Professionals looking for job openings for AWS solution architect must also be self-motivated and dynamic in keeping up with rapid changes. In the future, AWS cloud architect jobs will see even greater growth. Professionals interested in AWS solutions architect entry-level jobs and AWS solutions architect associate jobs must always stay on top of new technologies emerging in the field of cloud.