machine learning

According to a study, machine learning engineer jobs grew at 344% last year with an average annual salary of $146,085. Another 2017 report shows that more than 9.8 times machine learning engineers are in existence as compared to just five years ago. As more and more industries are embracing artificial intelligence and algorithms, machine learning jobs are soaring. Professionals interested in making a career in one of the most exciting technologies of our times must arm themselves with the right skills.

early stage

At the entry-level, professionals must bring a combination of hard and soft skills to the table. A machine learning engineer job description will often demand the following:

  • Mathematical aptitude
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • Knowledge of statistics
  • Knowledge of probability
  • System design
  • Data modelling

Entry-level machine learning jobs typically involve developing applications that reduce manual labour and automate a process, working with diverse data sets, developing models and algorithms, and testing model quality.

Some top industries that offer machine learning engineer jobs in India:

  • Healthcare – Using data to assess patient condition in real time, analysing data to detect anomalies
  • Financial ServicesMachine learning job opportunities in the field focus on extracting insights from data, preventing fraud, and identifying investment opportunities
  • Transportation – Analysing data to identify trends, predicting potential problems
  • Retail – Using data to personalise the shopping experience, pushing relevant discounts, offering relevant product recommendations in real time

career path

A career in machine learning can take shape along different paths:

  • Machine Learning Engineer – Programmers responsible for developing intelligent systems and applications that can take actions without being directed, analysing data for developing algorithms, building scalable distributed systems
  • Data Scientist – Responsible for removing errors from a data set, interpreting large amounts of data, analysing it to extract key insights, visually representing data, collaborating with stakeholders to assist in decision making
  • Data Architect – Responsible for an organisation’s big data system. Duties involve developing, testing, and maintaining scalable data management systems, developing custom analytics applications, and collecting data for real-time processing

Wondering how to get a job in machine learning? Aspirants must possess a formal degree in computer science, statistics, or mathematics. However, even those without a formal degree in these disciplines can start their career if they have some working knowledge of coding and software engineering.

what the future holds

Today, we’re witnessing a limitless applicability of machine learning across industries, old and new. As technology changes the world dramatically, the demand for skilled machine learning professionals is going to soar. All industries will require intelligent systems to solve complex business problems. Presently, we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg; in the coming years, innovation in the area will far exceed our imagination. Professionals looking for machine learning engineer jobs in Pune, machine learning engineer jobs in Chennai, machine learning engineer jobs in Hyderabad and other cities must focus on acquiring the right skill set. More importantly, they must not let limit their imagination and look for new avenues to offer their skills.