Are organisations doing enough to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace?

12 Nov 2019 to 27 Nov 2019

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Are organizations doing enough to promote diversity and inclusion at the worklplace?

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  • Considering the tremendous potential that there is to be realized, India Inc. is not even scratching the surface...While diversity comes naturally in our country it's the Inclusivity that requires a more thoughtful approach. All managers and managers of managers have to be mindful of the diversity in their teams and conscious in their efforts to derive optimal outcomes for the company.

    Anjali Raghuvanshi

    chief people officer, Randstad India

    Many elements of DI are addressed by organisations , like awareness creation through sessions on Unconscious Bias, opportunities for LGBTQ community to come out with their gender identity and access in washrooms for Persons with disability. However we still have a long way to go when it comes to gender parity in leadership positions and creating support mechanisms for access for Persons with Disability.


    Vice President & Head Human Resource, Omegha Health Care

    Diversity and Inclusion is a top to bottom driven strategy...Many organisations today talk of diversity and Inclusion but there is still mass unawareness about the same...what is need of the hour is facilitating a more more inclusive work culture and environment.

    Krishnan Venkiteswaran

    Head - HRD & Administration, Control Print Limited

    It was while we were hiring. We promoted hiring of women employees on construction project site. We hired global talent in our design teams. Now when Real Estate is in slowdown, D&I has been on back burner. But it is high on our company's objectives.

    Archana Kumar

    Chief Human Resource Officer, Ireo Private Limited

    I don’t know about other organizations and their imperatives but at Beroe, we are not just an equal opportunity employer, we have consciously planned to make diversity and inclusion important at the workplace. From a third of our employees being women, to veterans in our US office to workplace benefits like Unlimited Work from Home, Flexi-timing and 12 month maternity leave, we leave no stone unturned to realise our aim.


    Chief Human Resource Officer & Head of Marketing, Beore Inc

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