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randstad’s strategy and architecture

We understand technology, data and processes and the value they can deliver to your organization when leveraged well. Our expert services include strategic assessments and roadmaps across verticals. Our services are specifically customized to enhance your operations, support growth and profitability.

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how we deliver strategy and architecture solutions

We can help you realize the benefits of streamlining your IT and technology operations, sourcing strong talent, or outsourcing complete projects. Our team delivers the expertise to help you curtail costs while chasing consistent growth.

Managed resource program

ownership: randstad
duration: < 1 year
project services
"Let our expertise work for you on projects like assembling roadmaps, creating operating budgets or M&A planning/due diligence."
ownership: randstad
duration: > 1 year
"Ensure you meet that deadline by letting us tackle your IT project — so you can focus on day-to-day demands."
ownership: randstad
duration: < 1 year
staff augmentation
"Hire for the short term. Plugging key talent gaps will give you all the expertise required for IT strategic planning."
ownership: randstad
duration: > 1 year
direct hire placement
"Our experience recruiting top talent is invaluable for staffing your strategic planning team."

staffing and direct hire

Good talent is increasingly hard to come by and the competition for experienced technology skills is fierce in the age of Industry 4.0. Our staffing and direct-hire solutions help you find the skillsets and talent you need, on-demand, allowing you to focus on your core business goals. Click here to learn more about our diverse range of technology staffing capabilities.

  • assessments and improvement recommendations

    Our IT professionals have the knowledge, experience and insight to evaluate your current operations and develop robust strategies to move your organization forward — regardless of your industry or market segment.

    roles we typically source include:

    • IT managers/analysts
    • IT disaster recovery
    • directors/managers
    • VPs of technology
    • transformation
    • ITIL project managers
    • management consultants
    • business process analysts
  • strategy, planning, architecture and design

    Randstad's specialists can identify those individuals who have a deep understanding of how IT should be structured and managed to best support your business objectives. We will match you with professionals from our nationwide network who are experts across several disciplines — including IT, finance and business operations.

    roles we typically source include:

    • enterprise architects
    • VPs of business
    • transformation
    • CIOs and IT directors
    • business systems analysts

projects and outsourcing

When you partner with Randstad, your team stands to gain from our expertise in IT strategy and planning. We provide objective, high-level insights that can make all the difference to your business in achieving crucial goals.

  • assessments and improvement recommendations
  • strategy, planning, architecture and design

managed resource program

We can completely manage your key projects from start to finish, right from streamlining the hiring and onboarding process to ensuring regular talent management and continuity of operations, powering your organization’s growth. 

experience you can trust

  • 300+ strategic assessment/roadmaps across industries

  • 20 years of experience providing strategic guidance and planning

  • proprietary and proven methodologies

  • M&A due diligence and carve-outs

  • 100 percent client satisfaction rate with strategy/architecture assessments

  • emerging IT trends assessments (agile, IOT, mobility, etc.)

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