about the client

A leading consulting corporation, headquartered in the U.S., providing niche services in legal and regulatory compliance and operations.

Randstad solution

Randstad tapped into a captive SME pool and convinced suitable candidates for interviews by positioning the client’s brand appropriately. Our prior experience in handling CXO level mandates ensured quality candidate profiles and a good offer acceptance rate.

  • thorough research-based candidate mapping, along with a planned outreach out to a captive SME pool ensured that we approached the right candidates fast
  • understood the client’s business segment and positioned the brand well, communicating the value proposition accurately to the candidates, increasing receptiveness
  • brand awareness and response to the brand increased over a period with Randstad’s involvement and experience
  • worked with the brand to fill other relevant positions, positively impacting business results

the impact

enabled high performance and improved compliance at 90+ % by implementing standardized HR practices across the country greater control over the sales process through seamless management of sales force improved employee engagement and increased productivity aided by on-the-job coaching

the impact

met 100% hiring goals within stipulated timelines 20% to 70% increase in interview acceptance rate zero attrition rate to date 50 to 175 employees growth on the India team