Security Advice : Randstad India does not charge any fee at any stage of its recruitment process from the candidate nor allows their employees to collect any fees from any candidates.
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engineering and design

Randstad has matched tens of thousands of engineering and technical experts like you to opportunities in your field for over two decades.

Our recruiters identify your strengths, your unique talents and what you want to achieve to place you in organizations that make the most of your skills—so you can have true impact. With degreed engineers from a wide variety of backgrounds and expert technical recruiters among our staff, you’ll have specialists who understand the industry landscape working with you.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent or contract role, we’ve got a variety of jobs on offer, including:

• Offshore Operations
• Drilling & Mining
• Piping, Pipeline & Sub Sea Engineering
• Petro physicist
• Geotechnical, GIS & GPS
• Petroleum Geologist
• Exploration Geologist
• Seismic Interpreter
• Reservoir Engineering
• Barge Engineering
• Dredging Engineering
• Tool Pushing, Roustabouts & Floorman
• Application Engineering
• Research and Development
• Product Development
• Design Engineers

We have a wide network of client relationships, including direct and sometimes exclusive communication with hiring managers. That means we have access to a range of opportunities that you’ll only find by working with us, so we can connect you to the positions that fit you, your expertise, your aspirations.

Send your CV or contact your local Randstad branch and let our consultants find something to match your skills, your preferred location and your choice of sector. Also browse our list of engineering & design jobs today.

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