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With a clientele that includes companies from diverse industries, we have the right opportunities for you across direct sales, client servicing & key account management.

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FY 2017-18 is poised to be a year of robust growth for India Inc. So, where does this place sales professionals?

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A platform for natural talent

Have you always prided yourself on your powers of persuasion? Think you can sell anything to anyone? Looking to apply them towards a job in sales? You are in luck! For exciting and refreshing opportunities, look no further than Randstad with its vast knowledge, remarkable expertise, and decades of experience.

Remarkable jobs in sales

In any business process, sales are the crucial last step which ensures revenue generation. All the previous steps are for nothing if the ability to sell your product to the customer is ineffective. Jobs in sales place emphasis entirely on the bottom line. They require knowledge of the product, charm, and thinking on your feet. Randstad can provide exclusive options which will challenge you every day!

Attractive jobs in account management

Jobs in account management require immense people skills. Managing relationships with existing customers and reaching out to potential customers is crucial to remain competitive. In the globalized world, the customer is king, and consequences of neglecting the customer are life-threatening to any business. Join Randstad today and find the right job in account management for you.

Choose from the best

Randstad ensures that you never have to settle. Get linked to the top employers in the industry. Use our knowledge and expertise to land a sensational job in account management. At Randstad, we only offer the best job opportunities for you to choose from. So, what are you waiting for?  Start your Randstad journey today.

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