How Do You Know You Can Trust A Recruitment Consultant?

Organizations often outsource their hiring to agencies as it saves them both time and resources in the process. Job seekers, on the other hand, remain in doubt about the best way to look for job openings. You could either look for job listings posted directly by companies or those listed via agencies. If you are looking to accelerate your job search and enhance your chances of selection, you might prefer to go through an agency. However,  differentiating between genuine and fake consultants is often a struggle. Several fake job consultancies and fake job rackets  are reported almost every year, making job applicants cautious and wary.

So how can you tell if your recruitment consultant is actually genuine and can help you successfully navigate your job search? Here are seven questions to keep in mind while dealing with a headhunter.

Does the recruiter offer legitimate details of his/her company?

Make sure that the consultant provides you with all the details of his/her agency such as a legitimate street address, working email address, active website link, etc., before you share your resume and personal details. Do your research on the staffing firm with the help of the information provided and assess the credentials of the consultant, if he/she is active on LinkedIn.

Is there a recruitment fee being charged?

You can outright ignore job consultants who ask for security deposit or recruitment fee in advance. Asking for money in advance is a big red flag and could signaling that the recruiter could be a fake one.

Is the recruiter well-versed with the job profile?

A genuine recruiter should be able to provide you the specifics of the role and the responsibilities it entails. The best thing to do is to ask them to source and share a detailed ‘Job Description’ directly from the company. It is good to have the specifics of the profile on mail, in case you wish to proceed with the application.

Is the recruiter open to sharing his/her client details with you?

One of the most important things that can help you decide the genuineness of a recruiter is whether he/she can provide you with the details of the hiring company. A genuine recruiter would understand and cooperate with your need to know about the organization that you are going to apply to. A detailed company profile, and active links to their website and social media handles are some of the things that you could ask for.

Does the recruiter show an interest in your job preference?

It is the job of a recruiter to make the right candidate-job fit, and for that, they must make an attempt to gauge what the candidate is seeking from their next job. Your career aspirations are relevant to the hiring process as that would make or break the fit for the suggested role.

Does the recruiter share any constructive feedback on your resume/job application?

A sincere recruiter would have done his/her homework on what the client organization is looking for in their prospective candidates. They should be able to give you some sort of an insight into how to update your resume or present your job application in the desired manner. It is well within your right as a prospective candidate to inquire about the chances of your application being selected. Professional recruiters will keep you updated across the different hiring stages, once you have shared your details with them. They will also let you know in case your profile is not selected and explain why you did not make the cut. 

Is the recruiter willing to share salary/compensation details with you?

Recruiters often ask about your current position level and compensation, for obvious reasons. Similarly, you can also ask them about the salary being offered for the particular position. A professional recruiter would always want to gauge your salary expectations before processing your application.
In essence, use a combination of your own research as well as instinct to figure whether a consultant is suspiciously keen to offer you a job or is genuinely interested in making the ‘right’ person-job fit. A sincere and professional recruitment consultant will always seek a mutually beneficial association. 
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