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mumbai, maharashtra
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randstad india
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�?� Providing production support for Application to make sure that infrastructure is up all the time.
�?� Fundamental knowledge of the AWS cloud computing platform with different component and services.
�?� Helping developers to provide the required resources and resolve the Infra related issues.
�?� Installing, Configuring and Managing Linux Servers on cloud using AWS and OpenStack.
�?� Perform both interactive and automated installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
�?� Hands on Experience of Amazon AWS components including: VPC, EC2, S3, Route 53, ELB, Autoscaling Group, Security Groups, ElastiCache (Redis), RDS, EBS, Elastic IP’s, Managing users through IAM Policies, Cloudwatch, AWS Cloudwatch Logs.
�?� Automating the Prod and Non Prod environment using Ansible.
�?� Experience setting up and managing instances in Amazon AWS using Ansible.
�?� Custom monitoring metrics/analysis/alarms via Cloudwatch and Nagios for Production environment.
�?� Wildcard SSL Installation on public facing URL's.
�?� Installation and configuration of HAproxy, Grafana, Squid, Netdata, Dynatrace for Prod and Non Prod environment.
�?� Created Rabbitmq clusters in DEV, SIT, PreProd and Prod Env and designed the queues exchanges and bindings for the applications.
�?� Automated the task of creation of MQ clusters using Ansible.
�?� Created Subnets, Instances and SG using AWS CLI.
�?� Deploying the application/Microservices of Prod and Non Prod Environment through Jenkins Tool.
�?� Maintain & manage various services running in Linux system which includes Apache & Nginx Web server, Proxy server (Squid), Microservices.
�?� Creating Users and Groups with special permissions.
�?� Disk Management, partitioning tools like fdisk.
�?� Manage software on the system using yum, rpm tools and apt-get.
�?� Configure, generate and restore daily/weekly/monthly backup using cron jobs and archiving and deleting the server logs file through script.
�?� Automation using shell scripts to remove manual day to day tasks like sanity tests.

�?� Provide technical support for the client on web hosting through Tickets and Chats.
�?� Troubleshooting problems related to FTP, DNS and Mail servers.
�?� Troubleshooting common web server, Email related problems and websites problems.
�?� SSL installation.
�?� Handling the various sever such as Shared server, VPS server, Cloud server, dedicated server.
�?� Setting up user environment according to their profiles and roles.
�?� Experience working with cPanel, WHM, Helm and Parallel Plesk control panels.
�?� File system management using fdisk, mkfs, fsck, cfdisk, mount etc.
�?� Monitoring of different services on Unix, Linux platforms using Nagios, other motoring tool.
�?� Assisting in basic troubleshooting of OS level issues like unexpected reboot, system down, user login problems.
�?� Granting access to Share folders and files for individuals and groups as applicable.
�?� System administration tasks such as monitoring file system size, CPU, Memory and network performance and generation of daily system report.
�?� Application monitoring, Bouncing application instances without bringing the application down, Refreshing application monitors.
�?� Worked on LVM, creating. modifying and extending volumes.
�?� Managing the SSH, FTP, Apache, Proxy, Send-mail, Pop3, Imap etc.
�?� Troubleshooting hardware, operating system problems, network and system related problems.
�?� Configuring and maintaining Network file system (NFS) and Samba

?Will work with Global Company.

Client Introduction
?US based Healthcare Company.


?DevOps, AWS, EC2, Linux Admin, LVM


?Total Exp: 5 - 10 years
Skills: DevOps, AWS, EC2, Linux Admin