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randstad india

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dgm power plant in raipur

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Electrical & Instrumentation  Engineering Administration-/(Power Plant )


























  1. Responsible for maintaining all Electrical & Instrumentation parameters of Power Plant Ranging from Generation, Distribution, Load Management & control as per set range/parameters.
  2. Physical verification of Store Received Materials (like GRN, RGP).
  3. Keep close watch on Departmental CONSUMABLES and analyze the CRITICAL SPARES being used during BREAK DOWN and ascertaining the requirement, need and priority.
  4. Responsible for making strategy with concerned HODs of relevant departments during the situation of Break down, Shutdown, Scheduled Maintenance and Start up.
  5. Ensure 100% presence in case of Breakdown and other incidences in the plant.
  6. Responsible to ensure INSTRUMENT’S COMMUNICATION system within is operationally well in place and is in ‘all time active’ condition.
  7. Ensure to Execute/Run the Electrical Capacity /Evaluate/Analyze the efficiency of installed electrical systems, process, products, components, and applications.
  8. Accountable for administering, organizing  LMS  operations (Load Management System) to closely monitor the set points, parameters, Lapses -viz a’ viz on Technical faults, Human errors, negligence, seasonal impact, recording and keeping track of abnormalities, creating control check at each process check points.
  9. Responsible to Assess, Analyze and Control load against actual consumption status at various manufacturing/process sections (SMS, SID, etc) also scale up the performances of Instrumentations over it.
  10. Responsible for proper and efficient working, material management and man management of motor re-winding shop inside VGL Plant.
  11. Responsible for Power generation, maintenance material and man management of Solar Power Plant inside VGL and located in Saraipali.
  12. Responsible for asserting the capacities, equipment selection upkeep and maintenance of all the air conditioning systems inside VGL.
  13. Administer control & Supervise FIBRE OPTICAL as well CAD based communication system. This includes timely coordination with IT if the fault is in nature of optical fiber Cable wear & tear.
  14. Responsible for ensuring  system of Primary-PLC SCADA parameters are well set, monitored regularly and is delivering desired performances, entering into troubleshooting at conveyor belt operations like Assigning new channels to PLC, timely identifying /Checking faults  if dumper is not operating well etc.
  15. Responsible for operation and maintenance of all the E&I related equipment of Power Plant and other divisions ensuring energy efficiency as per norms.
  16. Administer FAILURE ANALYSIS on E&I Systems, and suggest management proper deviatory measures if any.
  17. Developing MTTR, MTBF Tracking System within, maintaining a LOG record.
  18. Ensure/take care that team is  preparing of various engineering documents like SLD, Power and Control scheme of MCC, cable schedule, cable routing, earthen layout etc.
  19. Administer COSTINGS of the consumables, fresh purchase costing, seeking approval from management and getting it arranged in time, in need.
  20. Responsible to verify all CSEB Energy Consumption Bills, G-Forms etc.
  21. Coordination with all Electrical HODs to ensure 100% availability of E&I system and to maintain plant Power factor as per SOP.
  22. Accountable for Compliance with statutory government offices & running plant as per government norms viz CSEB, Electrical Inspector etc.
  23. Responsible to maintain all Weigh Bridges as per norms.
  24. Responsible to maintain Load Management system (TDU).
  25. Responsible to maintain PLC of SID-SMS Material Handling system.
  26. Responsible to audit plant lighting as per SOP.
  27. Identify electrical/instrumentation weak areas in the plant and coordinate with concern for necessary rectification/upgradation.
  28. Responsible for maintaining the ISO documentation (Like RCA, CAPA, HIRA, SAI and OCPs etc.) and updating it time to time.
  29. Ensure a system to timely Report & Maintain Record Log of failures, abnormalities, MIS & through SAP on regular basis, updating it for better decision making and referral record system.
  30. Ensure proper Man Power deployment in shifts/schedules to ensure 100% manning as per approved/allotted manpower in Electrical & Instrumentation.
  31. Responsible for installation, proper working and maintenance/repairs of online stack and ambient air pollution monitoring system.
  32. Ensure proper relieving (handover/takeover) in the shifts at the assigned place.
  33. Conducting a TOOL KIT & PPE TRAININGS & inspiring team to adhere to PPEs, conducting minimum 2 sessions in a month (fortnightly) within team of E&I and Conducting Mock Drill at least once in month with Process-/Material handling Safety Hazards.
  34. Ensure safety norms are followed by everyone and zero man-hours loss.
  35. Ensure proper housekeeping of entire Power Plant.


INstrumentation, Power Plant, E & I