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head administartion in hyderabad

?1.) Responsible and accountable to provides leadership (Vision, Guidance and Accountability) to all support functions in the school (Accounts, Security, Infirmary, ICT, Transport, Stores, F&B, Events and facility Management).

2.) Responsible and Accountable for Service Strategy, Service Design and Service improvement, and, accountable for Service operations. Has to have safety of children and business continuity high on the agenda in this process.

3.) Member of the School Management Team (SMT) and accountable for delivery and quality of all supportive services.

4.) Responsible and accountable to develop a bold Vision and communicate the same to the team.

? Fosters a habit and culture of high standards, in the Bursar team specifically, and in the school as a whole.
? Sets the benchmark for quality of (i) each supportive service, and (ii) upkeep of facilities.
? Communicates continuously to each team member to make the high standards a habit and culture in the team.

? Projects the high standards among all the users of the services & facilities so that they too participate in maintaining the same by proper usage.

? Continuously communicates to team members about zero tolerance to anything that compromises safety of children.

5.) Accountable for monitoring and supervision of various services. Responsible and accountable for periodic review of the performance and quality of the services.

? Each of the service is operated by responsible heads, which monitor and supervise the operations. Will review individual service heads periodically.

? Reviews performance dash board of each supportive service line as a daily routine, and provides tactical guidance when needed.

? Monitors quality of supportive services rendered to the academic activities by random sampling and surprise checks.

? Visits all areas on the school (Class rooms, Library, Labs, Bus bay, Dining hall, Reception lobby, Swimming pool, Play grounds, Security gate, Store, Staff rooms) on a daily basis to critically look at the upkeep of the facility, and demand quality from team members, and also explores ways to improve.

? Meets different sections of internal customers informally, to collect feedback on quality and responsiveness of the Bursar team and also re-calibrates any misplaced expectations.

6.) Responsible to counsel and discipline students who have been observed to indulge in unacceptable conduct on the campus.

? As head of the security and safety wing, is responsible to counsel and discipline students who have indulged in unacceptable conduct. Is required to decide penalty for misconduct from warning to expulsion from school. Has to be seen as a strict, no-nonsense person by the student community.

7.) Responsible as RM of the accounts function, is responsible to reduce cases of non-payment of school dues by personally working on individual cases of default.

? Works on individual cases from list of fee defaulters provided by accounts dept. for recovery of unpaid dues. Invites such parents to school for meeting and discusses fees.

8.) Responsible to be the single point of contact to the coordinators (academic, activity, admission, HR), for organizing events and activities that requires multiple supportive service functions to provision services and facilities.

9.) Responsible and accountable to approve provisioning of facilities & services for specific activities & events after the request is approved by the academic management team.

10.) Contributes to parent delight by promptly resolving parent reported issues regarding supportive services.

? Is responsive to any demands from Coordinators (Deputy Coordinator, Academic, Activities, Admissions), for actions to resolve issues, reported by child or parent.

? Reassure parents with grievances which have escalated beyond the operational team members. Resolves the issues by going beyond the normal or clarifies with evidence, if there is any misrepresentation to, or misunderstanding by the parent.

? Ensures that orders for books, stationary, school uniform etc. are promptly serviced by the stores by planning of inventory, accurate billing and speedy dispatch.

11.) Involves actively in conduct of major events at the school such as Founders day, Selection day, and Sports day.

12.) Proposes annual budget plan for the supportive services and maintenance of the school facility.

13.) Coordinates with the central finance team for timely cash flow to meet the commitments of the school. Maintains Accounts for the cash imprest at the school.

14.) Ensures that all insurance policies are renewed timely and optimally. Will personally monitor preparedness of the school for fire hazard including mock fire drills.

15.) Ensures that all contracts (F&B, equipment maintenance, Security agency .. )are renewed as per process and policy of the organization

16.) People Development :

? 16.a) Self : Updates self on new technologies, methods and products that go into efficiently operating and managing the facility. Visits other world class hospitality and service facilities in the region to learn of good practices deployed by others. Could pursue an MBA if not already one. Attends trainings and trade shows in the areas of regulations, fire safety, Building management, Renewable energy etc.

? 16.b) Team : Grooms his individual service managers to handle bigger responsibilities by facilitating professional development in area of soft skill, people management and leadership skills. Facilitates opportunity for the service managers to learn operations of other service lines by job rotation. Identifies potential candidate(s) from among the team and grooms them to handle role of Bursar of a school. Allows such candidate(s) to formally handle role of Bursar in his absence. Identifies areas of training, designs and ensures regular training for staff involved in the delivery of services.

? Bus drivers on safe driving & fuel efficiency.

? Transport security personnel on soft skills to interact with children and parents. Children safety and importance of following the process of picking and dropping children.

? F&B staff on hygiene and soft skills to interact with children and staff.

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?Admin head, Admin, Facility Head, Landscaping, administration, facilities, IR, F&B, Events, Operations, Security, Transport,


?Qualification Graduate in any discipline preferably with MBA
Other Any Quality System (QES, TQM, Six Sigma)
Technical MS Office ;
Army background,

Should Have Education working experience