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infrastructure engineer (aws/linux) in Bangalore

bangalore, karnataka
Information Technology
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� Launching Ec2 Linux instances in Amazon cloud.
� Associating elastic ip�s to the instances.
� Creating EBS volumes and attaching to instances and creating partitions and drives.
� Creating ami�s from instances.
� Creating snapshots for volumes
� Creating security groups, changing rules and restricting access
� Creating cloud watch alarms along with SNS notifications.
� Working with cloud watch graphs.
� Launching instances inside VPC.

?Will work for India's biggest brand.

Client Introduction
?It's with one of the Biggest group of India.


?AWS, Linux, LVM



� LAMP installation and configuration.
� Disk partitioning with fdisk and File system management.
� LVM management: create PV,VG,LV and extending VG,LV and reduce LV.
� Implemented Logrotation with Rsyslog and made effective use of disk space
� Redhat GFS Cluster installation and configuration.
� SSL Installation in apache, jboss server�s and updating.
� Daily,Weekly backup and restoration when required.
� Migration from one OS environment to another OS environment.
� Installing and configuration of DNS server.
� Patching in regular intervals and applied security patches any point of time.
� Cron jobs and Basic shell scripting.
� NFS, SAMBA,server installation and configuration.
� Install squid proxy server and configuring authentication based filtered web content.
� Administration and server maintenance and monitoring with Nagios
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