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java developer;product developer in bengaluru / bangalore

Job Description
We’re looking for developers who are interested in solving problems. We like people who are
willing to work across the technology spectrum. An example of a typical problem would be a
product feature that requires UI/UX (Typescript/React/HTML/SCSS), server changes
(Java/Scala/R), and database changes (MySQL).
You will own some or all of a product/feature. You will also mentor others, read and review
code, maintain code, deploy code, tune the performance of systems, as required.
● We’re looking for 2 years or more of relevant work experience. That being said, if you
think you have the necessary skills to make the number irrelevant then do talk to us
● Proficiency in Java, JavaScript, and sufficient knowledge of database concepts to write
efficient queries
● Working experience in one or more of React, Redux, Typescript, and associated tools
such as Webpack, Grunt, Gulp etc.
● Working experience in HTML, (S)CSS
● Working experience writing unit/functional/integration tests
● Knowledge of Java 8 features such as streams and lambdas is a plus
● Knowledge of REST concepts and design is a plus
● Knowledge of ES6 features/syntax is a plus
● Knowledge of functional programming concepts is a plus
● Knowledge of build/deploy tools such as Ant, Maven, Gradle, Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc.
is a plus
● Knowledge of one or more scripting languages such as Awk, Bash, Perl, Python, Ruby
etc. is a plus
● Ability to use modern IDEs such as VSCode, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse etc. is a plus
● Knowledge of container technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, etc. is a plus
Bonus Points
● For product experience. We’re a product company. Talk to us if you have worked on
software products
● For startup experience. Have you worked in a any startups? We’re always looking for
people who have startup experience
● If you’ve developed and deployed any software for your own, or others’ use
● If you’ve contributed to open source projects● If you’ve spoken at developer conferences, published articles in tech websites, published
● If you communicate well. Do you blog? Can you explain ideas clearly and succinctly?
Can you answer questions in short, clear sentences?
● If you have technical certifications such as AWS, Docker, Redhat etc.
● If you’re self taught. Have you learned other programming languages, technologies etc.
on your own? Share the details of the courses you took online, for instance.
● For deep knowledge in one or more areas. We like people who dig down, understand
concepts in detail
● If your code/work is out there in public. We’d love to see what you’ve developed and
deployed to the external world


React, core java