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manager - projects in mumbai

?1. Project Management
- Planning
o To understand scope, goals, timelines and deliverables of the project.
o To develop detailed project plans and associated communication documents.
o To estimate resources required i.e. manpower, machinery and money for timely execution of the project.
o To plan and schedule project timelines and milestones using appropriate planning tools.
o To define project milestones and the objectives and costs associated with each milestone.
o To draft, and submit budget proposals, and recommend subsequent changes whenever required.
o To allocate tasks and responsibilities appropriately to the project team members.
o To define project success criteria and disseminate these to the involved parties throughout the project life cycle.
o To identify and manage project dependencies and critical path and devise contingency plans.
o To ensure timely procurement of materials from the agencies / suppliers.
o To manage changes in project scope, identify potential crises, and implement contingency plans as required.
- Execution
o To communicate project expectations effectively to team members and concerned departments on a regular basis.
o To determine and assess the need for additional staff and/or consultants and recruit accordingly, during the project cycle.
o To conduct internal as well as external meetings based on the requirement.
o To identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the project team.
o To coach, mentor, motivate and supervise the project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive actions and accountability for their assigned work.
o To ensure quality testing of each and every material received at the site.
o To ensure 100% adherence to safety standards and compliance with safety policies at the site.
- Review
o To monitor and report on project progress in a structured manner, drawing particular attention to deviations from the original project plan.
o To regularly monitor the project on time, cost, quality and safety standards.
o To maintain and regularly update the project plan.
o To conduct post project analysis.
2. Co-ordination
- To co-ordinate with design engineers, architects and site engineers to ensure timely execution of the project.
- To ensure that various clearances are obtained in time from statutory bodies at various stages of the project (e.g. drawing submission to the authorized body or environmental clearance, fire fighting clearance, plumbing license certificate, etc.)
3. Management Reporting
- To ensure that the site data report is prepared before start of execution of every project.
- To develop and deliver progress reports, proposals, requirements documentation, and presentations.
- To maintain minutes of the meetings held.
- To create recommendation reports in order to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements.
4. Team Management
- To recruit and motivate teams accountable for the achievement of corporate and individual targets.
- To ensure comprehensive performance appraisal and development opportunities are provided in accordance with the companys human resources strategy and employment policies.
- To provide on the job training to team members for their development.
- To identify the key technologies and applications that company will require in the future, and support their development and implementation.
5. Assistance in developing department wide KRAs
- To assist in the development of individual KRAs related to Project Management.
6. Assistance in performance appraisal and evaluations
- To ensure performance appraisal is conducted every quarter/six months/year by HR department.
- To provide guidance in conducting evaluations.
- To ensure communication of feedback to juniors on an ongoing basis regarding outstanding performance and non-performance issues.
7. Assistance in recruitment
- To understand necessary requirements in Project Management.
- To discuss requirements with the Head - Construction.
- To co-ordinate with Head- HR to fill vacancies.
8. Attending meetings
- To discuss monthly operational issues related to Project Management.

?Reporting to Directors

Client Introduction
?A Real Estate company based in Mumbai


?high-rise, real estate


?Engineer with 12+yrs of experience in High Rise commercial & Residential Projects. To direct and manage projects from resource planning to project completion.