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principal in bangalore

To represent the school with dignity, among students, staff, school parents, authorities, and society thereby enhancing the good name and reputation of the school

To collaborate with the SD, and jointly run the school to the expectations of all stake holders. (Students, Parents, Employees, Owners)

To be a widely respected academic leader heading the school, with a vision for excellence in practices of teaching & learning. Leads the operations at the school for students to be equipped to realize & achieve their potential.

To be the experienced academician who identifies with the community of school teachers and an inspiring leader the academic team looks up to.

To monitor, review and guide successful execution of academic plans of all segments thru the team of VPs and HMs.

To be accountable and drive 2 key results of the school which have direct bearing on the reputation of the school � (a) Results of board exams at grade X and XII and (b) Placement of students of grade XII into reputed colleges and universities..

Job Outline

1.) Responsible and accountable as a key member of the SMT (School Management Team) for overall management of the school in line with the vision, mission and core values of People Combine Group.

? Member of the SMT headed by the SD (representing the interest of school promoters) and includes the VP, HM and Bursar. The Principal and SD are jointly responsible to make key strategic and operational decisions in the council.

? Jointly responsible with SD for the business results of the school � net admissions, capacity utilization, reduction in dissatisfied student attrition.

? Jointly responsible with the SD to manage the expenses towards academic operations and not exceed the planned budgets.

2.) Responsible to head the academic services and accountable for academic services of the school.

? Shoulders responsibilities and accountability as head of the school to all stake holders. (Students, parents, education dept. & boards and society in general.)

? Responsible and accountable to develop and implement policies, programs, curriculum activities, and budgets in a manner that promotes holistic development of every student and professional development of each academic staff member.

? The Principal ensures that the academic curriculum is always in consonance with the requirement of the academic board(s) whose pedagogy the school is following (Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), the Cambridge University Local Examination Committee (IGCSE) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)) at all relevant levels.

? Responsible and accountable to define the structure and strength of the team delivering the academic services committed by the school. Responsible to propose and defend the work force plan within the SMT and with the CPO.

? Responsible to monitor academic process discipline and continuation of good practices being followed. Accountable for academic results of the school.

? Responsible to maintain and drive a school culture of learning thru inquiry and experience...

? Responsible to review the VPs and HMs who head the execution of the academic plans in specific segments of the school and ensure that process discipline, SOPs, and schedules for holistic learning are being followed in all segments of the school.

? Responsible to drive for sport and art to be an integral part of the holistic learning experience of all students at the school.

? Responsible to review the Dean Of Activities(DOA) / Head(s) of activities who head the PE and Art teams at the school and ensure that every student at the school is developing skills and competencies beyond academics, as part of the holistic learning experience at the school .

? Responsible to ensure that the HOFs and teachers at the school collaborate with the EDU division and contribute to the development of lesson plans and teaching resources for use by all schools of the group.

? Responsible to encourage innovation and adoption of technology in the school practices.

? Accountable for consistent and strong academic results of the school. The performance of students in the board exam has a strong bearing on the reputation and brand of the school. The principal is therefore accountable to ensure very strong results of students in the exams conducted by the board (CBSE, ICSE, IB) at grade X and XII.

3.) Represents the school, and lends to its good name and reputation.

? Responsible and accountable to be an authority in the areas of different schooling pedagogy and represent the school with dignity among school parents, with authorities of the education dept. / board, and society.

? Lends to the good name and reputation of the school by his /her own reputation in the academic world built on his body of work, rich experience and vast knowledge in the field of holistic education.

? Responsible to interact with parents regularly and get a sense of what the parents feel about the services of the school.

4.) Responsible to be the experienced academic leader who identifies with the community of school teachers. To be the inspiring people leader, the academic team looks up to.

? Provides inspiring leadership to the academic team at the campus by his/her vision, professionalism, integrity, performance, and passion for success of the school.

? Fosters an atmosphere of respect, trust, transparency and innovation.

? Creates a sense of belonging in employees by being accessible to them. Engages with them formally and informally at every opportunity.

? Provides a sense of security to all employees by being at the fore in testing moments and facing any form of adversity from any quarter.

? Is responsible to meet and select the best candidates for the academic team at the school. Is on the panel for short listing of candidates for VP and HM roles and the final approving authority for selection of all other academic staff.

? Responsible to monitor that all newly recruited staffs undergo effective induction programs. The Principal along with EDU division devises and implements proper training programs for the different categories of academic staff of the school aimed at clear understanding of the overall ethos of OIS, the work ethics and culture of the institution, the professional expectations and the smoothest possible induction into the school.

? Responsible to drive a strong culture and commitment to continual learning by staff and thereby creates a team of committed academic professionals.

? Accountable to organize effective professional development programs for academic staff within the campus and outside as per the need and budget - on a regular basis.

? Responsible to review and evaluate effectiveness of professional development programs and implement improvement initiatives.

? The principal encourages and supports the academic staff in terms of collaborative working, team building, risk taking and innovation. He / she also encourages teachers in action research and lesson building activities.

? The Principal, with the help of SMT is responsible for objectively implementing the PMS (Performance Management) for all academic staff as per the specified scheme over each period of an academic session.

? The Principal - basing on the Performance Appraisal and the salary schemes - recommends individual staff members salary increment and rewards/incentives without any bias or prejudice.

? The Principal identifies deficiencies of individual staff members and initiates appropriate remedial action.

? The principal creates a conducive, pleasant and safe learning environment where the staff and pupil performance levels are optimized.

? The Principal is responsible to create a cordial working environment, and attend to the needs of the staff which in turn, helps the staff de-stress and develop belongingness towards the institution.

? The Principal initiates measures, with the approval of the SMT, to retain talented teachers and also for attracting staff with high potential from other schools within and outside the country.

? The Principal, apart from heading and overseeing the school functions, organizes celebrations and activities for the staff and students which are contributory to their well-being.

5.) Responsible for staff and student discipline within and outside the school.

? The Principal is responsible to initiate and adopt a structured and equitable approach towards discipline so as to effectively address all cases of indiscipline.

? The Principal has the overall responsibility for ensuring punctuality among all students and staff.

? The Principal ensures that all students remain motivated to be regular in their attendance on academic working and during celebratory days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Founders Day, School Picnic, etc.

? The Principal monitors that all periods commence on time with proper teachers in place as per the time-table.

? The Principal ensures that all substitution classes and work is planned in such a way that no class is left without any supervision or meaningful work at any given point of time under any circumstances.

6.) Steers the school to be a market leader and acknowledged for its holistic learning practices, learning experience, learning outcomes and world class facilities.

? As head of the academic team, reviews the learning outcomes and progress of the students at the campus.

? Strongly propagates holistic learning - at the school, to parents, in the community, and in his circle of influence. Encourages the academic staff to be innovative in trying out unconventional learning activities to make learning fun, rather than an effort.

? Encourages and builds a culture of learning by enquiry and experience rather than by submission. Positively reinforces all activities and behavior of academic staff towards this.

7.) Accountable for successful conduct of Career / college counselling program of the school.

? Accountable for every student in grades 9-12 getting professional advice from experienced career counsellors / college counsellors on starting early to build an impressive personal profile, prepare and score well in competitive exams, accurately complete the application process and gain admission into reputed colleges and universities of their choice.

8.) Accountable for delight of parents.

? Creates opportunities specially for meeting school parents (Coffee Morning) and also meets them during various school events.

? Monitors the rigor and effectiveness of parent engagement programs, activities and events (Teachers calls to parents, WTR, PTM, Parent Orientation Program, and Founders Day.)

? Drives among all senior staff members, a sense of gratitude and responsibility towards parents. Ensures that staff at every levels accord a high priority to address, and resolve any issues flagged by parents.

? Makes 'zero tolerance to compromise of child safety' a loud and clear message to all staff and sub staff of the campus.

Job Specification
Knowledge: Masters in any subject + BEd. (Phd preferred)
Teaching School children.
Expert in more than one teaching system, pedagogy, standards and practices.
School process and administration.
Team Management practices.
Skills: Technical School Management process and practices + Business Acumen
Business Acumen: Ability to connect business objectives to operational actions.
Behavioural Result Oriented: Takes pride in the outcomes as much as in the effort. Demonstrates to everyone around (Teachers, parents, children, staff) that he/she means business and will not accept mediocrity.
Inspiring Leader to teams of diverse individuals: Ability to lead diverse individuals by being objective while reviewing professional role, but also retaining a personal equation. Will need to gain respect and acceptance of the team by demonstrating professional integrity, involvement and passion for the profession of teaching. Owns failures and credits success to the team.
Organized person: Can easily handle multiple tasks on the table. A strong commitment to discipline, calendar, process rigour, first things first, clutter free �

Experience: 12 years as subject teacher, class teacher and coordinator at .
13 years in school as subject teacher, coordinator. Last 3 years at any reputed CBSE / International school as HM, VP, and Principal.
15 years as subject teacher at any reputed CBSE with 5 years as Principal.

? Campus and SMT members
? All academic staff at the school.
? Bursar and team
? Deputy Coordinator
? Admission team ? Interact with parents
? CBSE board

?best in industry salary

Client Introduction
?with just a decade of presence, has garnered a strong repertoire to become one of the best international schools in the country. The prestigious international school was started with a mission to build a community of leaders, over a foundation of shared beliefs, values and ethos.

dedicated to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a dynamic and success-oriented education program. The program empowers students to gain an indigenous as a well global perspective on various aspects.


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?1 Leadership
2 Business Results
3 Parent Satisfaction
4 Employee Satisfaction

SN Key Result Area Key Performance Indicator Measure Weightage
1 Business Results EBITA
3 Employee Satisfaction