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Instrumentation Jobs

A world without technology and progress is simply unimaginable. With the implementation of the science of instrumentation and control, humans want to invent extensive arrays of devices that will improve the living standards and make our lives more comfortable. As an independent discipline of engineering, instrumentation engineering deals with control, measurement, and automation of processes. 

The work of an instrumentation engineer is very domain specific. Typically, the engineer is responsible for calibrating all the external inputs so as to control a variety of devices and systems. They may design or specify wiring, installation, and signal conditioning. They work with different theories and dynamics of materials and liquids to monitor and maintain systems. This is achieved by integrating sensors with devices such as transmitters, recorders, and display or control systems.

With the influx of automation and technology and a boost to the manufacturing sector with the rise of big multi-nationals, career prospect in instrumentation engineering is one of the brightest in the job market. Almost every process and manufacturing industry has a separate instrumentation department manned by skilled instrumentation engineers. Apart from system engineering, embedded system, and electronic circuit design, process automation, etc., the scope of instrumentation engineers is also escalating in other fields such as avionics and space science. The advent of concepts such as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Distributed Control System (DCS) has raised the demand of instrumentation jobs manifold. Employment can also be found in biomedical companies, defence contractors, or other private engineering firms.

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Instrumentation engineering is one of the most coveted fields in recent years. Apart from an attractive pay scale, instrumentation engineering jobs offer an enormous scope of enhancement as the engineers meet with regular challenges of improving controls and automation levels. As per 2016-17 reports, technical engineers in the core sector industries in Bangalore, the city producing the greatest number of instrumentation jobs, had the highest average CTC in India across all levels. While a junior technical engineer could earn INR 5.38 lac per annum, a mid-level engineer had an average CTC of INR 13.07 lac per annum while a senior technical engineer had an average CTC of INR 23.31 lac per annum.

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