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vp operations in Bengaluru

bengaluru, karnataka
Engineering Design
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?Manufacturing & Quality

1. Direct & coordinate manufacturing operations which include production, quality, plant engineering & maintenance for mechanical carbon, electrical carbon parts and pantographs within the company policies & procedures.
2. Prepare the annual manufacturing plan & budget based on the sales plan focusing on capacity utilization, resources allocation, expanding our manufacturing capabilities, efficiency of the manufacturing processes, quality and cost management. Review & roll out action plans during quarterly, monthly forecasts to achieve the targets set.
3. Develop & implement manufacturing methods, techniques and processes which ensure we exceed customer requirements for quality, cost, delivery and development responsiveness / lead times. Cost management will be critical during this activity.
4. Ensure that the planned key performance indicators of efficiency & performance are met or exceeded.
5. Set up and implement standard operating procedure for all manufacturing operations and ensure that they are captured in work instructions in our quality management systems. Maintain a standard of performance for each operation and work towards zero defect standards, zero accident safety standards.
6. Operational excellence through continual improvement activity in the manufacturing processes and quality management.
7. Timely service and technical complaint resolution is key to customer satisfaction.
8. Provide training on a continuous basis to upgrade the technical knowledge, skills and capabilities of both reportees and employees.
9. Management Representative responsible for all Quality related matter within Schunk India. Ensure the effective implementation of the Schunk India Quality Management Systems and Quality Manual. The Schunk Group requirements will need to be built into this system. Company representative on the global Schunk Group Quality Management team.

Purchasing & Supply Chain

1. Develop & implement all purchasing strategies, policies & procedures for both products and services in conjunction with the functional heads
2. Prepare the annual purchasing plan & budget based on the sales plan focusing on cost management, price reduction opportunities, just in time delivery, inventory carrying levels reduction. Review & roll out action plans during quarterly, monthly forecasts to achieve the targets set.
3. Identify and qualify the potential suppliers based on key selection parameters and audit through a transparent filtration process which should deliver us long term business partners.
4. Strategically negotiate pricing, terms & conditions and manage contracts, agreements, renewals and the pricing policy.
5. Develop, establish, implement & enforce supplier and outsourcer guidelines, obligations and service level agreements to the organization.
6. Analyze trends and market conditions for the present and future pricing, availability, lead time of products & services.
7. Monitor vendor, service provider, outsourcer and / or contractor performance by measuring quality cost & delivery, development responsiveness / lead times.
8. Operational excellence through implementation of methods, practices & techniques to ensure the most economical movement of material throughout the supply chain. Continuously work on reducing inventory carrying levels & increasing inventory turnover ratios.
9. Monitor & analyze trends in company�s spending and inventory control in order to make purchasing recommendations for the future, identify areas for possible savings and secure more cost effective & reliable sources of products & services.
10. Direct the efficient operation of our import, export and inland delivery, logistics processes to assure seamless availability of all products to support the operational plans.


1. Technical processes management starting with technical and commercial feasibility study from the generation of the enquiry till the contract is executed.
2. Final authority on all engineering related issues within the company .Engineering processes management till series production supply covering product engineering, process engineering and product development.
3. Responsible within the company for prototype design, development, homologation and customer approval till series production supply starts.
4. Release of component / manufacturing drawings for all parts produced or assembled
in our facility
5. Operational excellence through continual improvement activity in the technology processes.
6. Technical complaint resolution is key to customer satisfaction.

?Well known Brand and a Pilot Project in India

Client Introduction
?The Schunk Group is a group of internationally operating
technology companies.
� Founded in the year 1913
� 60 companies in 26 countries
� 7,352 employees worldwide
� Consolidated




?1. Right Organisation - Multinational engineering company in a professional process driven
manufacturing environment. Mechanical sealing industry will be an
2. Right Function - Production, assembly, industrial engineering, product development
in a light engineering / high technology engineering company.

3. Right Position - General Manager Operations covering the above functions

4. Right Qualification - B.E Mech, MBA / M. Tech with relevant engineering optionals.

5. Right Experience - 20 years experience, 5 years minimum relevant experience, 42 years
� 2
6. Competence & - Proven track record in managing production, purchasing & supply
Capabilities chain ,quality ,engineering and delivering results
- Product engineering, product development, planning & execution
- Specialized product & process engineering knowledge
- Significant manufacturing processes knowledge
- Lean manufacturing / continual improvement background
- Well organized with good communication & analytical skills
- Project management & new start up capability
- Continuous learning capability to upgrade, update technical
knowledge and its application.
- Quality management systems development & implementation
- Excellent negotiation and market research skills
- Passion for minimizing costs and maximizing profits
- Well versed in the technical aspect of various statutory and legal
- ERP functional knowledge, strong business & quality management
process understanding.
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