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vp works in raipur

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Technical –Lead, Overall Plant’s Works Administration









Production, Quality, Failure Analysis, Over all Plant-Maintenance , upkeep & Performance









Compliance to


Safety, Environment,   Secured-Production Processes, , Pollution, Statutory & Regulatory Bodies, Norms

1.       Responsible to Spear-head (100% monitoring) technical (works) front while leading the entire technical team of the production, maintenance, projects, process & operations of entire plant.

2.       Responsible to prepare, maintain and actualize periodical (monthly, quarterly, by annual/annual) production-plan from various production departments as per pre-set goals- Minimum 95% adherence along with Raw Material Procurement.

3.       Accountable to Drag Production-Yield as per preset parameters from the raw material being consumed.

4.       Responsible to establish plant’s technical delivery process & finished-product’s quality parameters in line discussion with departments, subordinates and submit the same to Director for timely approval.

5.       Responsible for preparing, establishing annual / periodical production capacities, plans & policies and provide periodical- production targets to divisional HOD as per management approval.

6.       Responsible to review each shutdown teams’ engagement plan during shutdown, including proper planning to ensure suitability & timelines.

7.       Ensure/adhere to a process where-in Daily production reports to be checked/ analyzed & corrective actions done.

8.       Responsible for changing/deviating/re-aligning technical parameters to minimize the effect of unexpected problems.

9.       Responsible to maintain sustainability in plant’s technological-advancements for qualitative production, gaining desired scale of core manufacturing operations, setting & meeting productions targets, analyzing Cost (input vs. output) it’s monitoring, optimization & control.

10.    Administer zero-tolerance policy in non standard operations, Non confirmation to quality in inputs vs. desired outputs, across manufacturing functions.

11.    Define, devise, re–align production-research & development objectives in product quality and yield administration.

12.    Oversee product testing to ensure that all products meet quality, regulatory and customer requirements.

13.    Ensure product and engineering changes are processed in accordance with the QMS.

14.    Regularly transact with Inhouse departments’ process heads in reviewing production & process methodologies, to provide consultative support ,patterns, failure analysis ,Input trends, deteriorating, change in quality deliverables, inspiring, motivating allowing  technical corrective action through technical up gradation, information analysis, reports, and recommendations.

15.    Oversee smooth-functioning of all major movable & non movable technical (Production driven & associated support/utility- tech.-assets), Machineries, Boilers, Captive-Thermal-Power generation operations/transmissions, Kiln/furnaces, rotatory equipments.

16.    Make daily site visits to monitor housekeeping, stacking, quality and quantity, waste of billets, Sponge Iron, Iron ore, coal etc.


17.    Ensure timely failure-analysis to all breakdowns and establishing permanent solution to avoid non-recurrence.

18.    Timely update management on risk- threats that could affect the production.

19.    Responsible to run smooth, Safe manufacturing operations complied with statutory norms towards each key parameter.

20.    Stopping/deviating the operation if the working conditions are unsafe, if technical standards is not being complied keeping Management in confidence.

21.    Finalizing Technical Staff’s Competency and JDs, and contributing to devise Technical KPis.

22.    Execute Guidance on developing Technical performance’s – Tracking mechanism for PMS/Review System/lead Annual/Quarter/Periodical PMS of technical teams.

23.    Ensure smooth Coordination and validation of Purchase order (Technical), approving of PRs, includes Technical Assessment/Approvals, CS’s negotiation, and Audit of PO’s as per management directions.

24.    Ensure Administration of Timely Plant level Monthly Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance data analysis and ensuring execution from the lead-team in shop floor ensuring time bound Corrective actions.

25.    Co-ordinate with HODs making strategy to accomplish the plan within the time period.

26.    Providing guidelines to concerned Department for Liasioning with various Govt. Departments, ensuring compliances of regulatory and statutory norms at the site.

27.    Guide and Review Energy Management Cell up to the mark, and economize energy consumption.

28.    Ensure all IMS audits & implementation is done as per standards.

29.    Develop a learning & engaging culture in the company. Will adhere to up gradation of newer technologies, self learning& will lead/execute training to Process/Deptl. Heads for Change in Technology/Production.

30.    Identify industry best practices & implement the same in the plant with management approval.




maintenance, operation, rolling mill, Works, TMT., SMS