case study

streamlining internal HR functions for enhanced compliance

about the client

A leading IT solutions provider to the banking industry with operations across 145 countries and more than 900 customers. The client had recently launched innovative IT products for the banking domain.

the challenge

Lack of streamlined HR systems and processes resulted in non-compliance hampering recruitment, continued engagement and retention of long-term skilled finance professionals.

Randstad solution

Our end-to-end management of internal HR functions helped streamline the entire recruitment and hiring process.

  • leveraged skilled database of qualified financial professionals to rapidly fill open positions
  • implemented structured processes to monitor employee attendance and absenteeism, payroll, insurance management, purchase order and invoice generation
  • deployed a standard MIS to manage various internal systems enhancing visibility on regular operational tasks
  • ensured strict adherence to regulatory compliance with periodic reporting

We have deployed over 120 financial consultants across the client’s three major locations in India – Bangalore, Mumbai, and Pune. This number is likely to increase going forward depending on the different business projects the client is looking to acquire in the coming months.


the impact

improved control of internal tasks
by streamlining HR functions
enhanced regulatory compliance within prescribed timelines
through structured processes
ensured high level of productivity and efficiency
with customized HR solutions