case study

leveraging market intelligence and branding expertise to fill critical positions for a lesser known brand

about the client

A 60-year-old less known but established family run business, specializing in the entire spectrum of petroleum products seeking to fill senior positions.   

The challenge

the challenge

The client struggled with quality hires and talent attraction, being a lesser known brand in the market. Without a standard corporate structure and competitive CTC, they were unable to successfully recruit suitable candidates.

Randstad solution

Randstad mapped the market thoroughly to identify the best talent ideally suited for the job, through constant research and reference. Working closely with the client, we standardized the organizational structure and processes and positioned the brand suitably to popularize it amongst eligible candidates.

  • mapped the market thoroughly to identify the best talent suited to the job profiles at hand
  • leveraged Randstad brand reputation and connections in the market to favorably position the client in order to attract relevant talent and bring them onboard
  • helped client understand prevalent market standards for hiring salaries and consulted the hiring managers to improve offers in order to attract the right talent
  • assisted the client in modernizing and standardizing their organizational structure for better brand visibility vis-à-vis competition

the impact

recruited four key positions
and achieved 100 percent mandate within timelines
revenue increased to INR 1500 crores from INR 850 crores
under the governance of the new hires
offer to acceptance rate of 70 percent
consistently rising over a period of time
attrition rate of zero percent
with standardized processes and structure