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The results for the Randstad Award survey are out. This year the survey further indicates that pay cheques are not the only deciding factors for employee stickiness. The trends this year also indicate that work-life balance and growth opportunities have become key deciding factors for an employee to stay in a company.

The drivers behind an employee's desire to stay with an employer have changed over the years. The year's survey clearly shows that work-life balance and career growth opportunities are the main factors for the Indian workforce to stay with an employer in addition to competitive salary.

The survey was conducted across 150 large companies and covered around 8,560 employees in India. Of the total respondents, 42% admitted that good work-life balance was one of the important factors to stay with an employer. Also, a majority of the respondents preferred to work or move into sectors like information technology and communication followed by FMCG, retail and automobiles


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