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34% people have witnessed/come to know of acts of sexual harassment in last 12 months

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only 50% women believe that they are paid fairly as compared to men

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49% people experienced/know of women who experienced hiring bias

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while the professional career moves forward, personal side can get complicated especially when you have a delicate balance between work and family. Because your family, your husband and you have somehow always managed to make it work, you simply assume you’d do it again - adapting to the new challenges

as a professional when you make a career choice to “lean in”, you do so realizing that there are both benefits and costs. What you don’t anticipate often is that costs can sometime hit you where you least expect, especially when your kids are involved.

Deep down when you take that big decision, you realize it’s the right decision, but that doesn’t still stop you from feeling that disconnect with the woman making that decision.

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