our strategy.

As the global market leader for HR services provider, Randstad is driven to become the world's most valued working life partner, supporting as many people as possible in realising their true potential throughout their working life. 

By being at the forefront of every conversation about work, we aim to become a true source of relevance and consistency for talent and a true agent of agility and effectiveness for clients and candidates by creating sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders. 

our human forward promise.

Our promise always guides our behaviour, no matter whether it is about our human interactions or how we may apply the HR technology. 

  • transparency: we aim to give clients insight into how their HR needs are being met and candidates where they stand in their job search. 
  • guidance: throughout the business lifecycle, clients are partnered with a HR consultant and candidates also have a work partner every step of the way. 
  • proactivity: clients stay ahead in the competitive world of talent and we can help people find jobs before they start their search.