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find right talent.

Our bespoke recruiting solutions use the right mix of technology and human intelligence to help you attract and hire candidates who contribute to both your business goals and culture.

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recruitment consultants services  - Randstad Mafoi India

find right jobs.

We offer a premium selection of jobs across sectors and levels. Post your resume to and find your dream assignment today.

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recruitment consultants services  - Randstad Mafoi India

your search ends here.

Help us know you better so that we can land you the perfect job.

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recruitment consultants services  - Randstad Mafoi India

digital toolkit for challenging times.

Rapidly deployed, free and cost-minimized solutions to help companies and employees get back to work.

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recruitment consultants services  - Randstad Mafoi India

safely back to work in the new normal.

The HR services industry has formed an alliance spearheaded by Randstad NV, the Adecco Group and ManpowerGroup to enable companies and workers to return to work safely when the time is right.

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who we are.

We are one of the largest global HR services firms. We combine our passion for people with intelligent technology to help organizations and talent convert potential into performance. Moving them forward. human forward.

recruitment agencies and consultants

our legacy.

With over 25 years of experience in India, we have supported the career aspirations of many with a large network of 800 job consultants spread over 20 offices around the country.

Each year, we figure in the top recruitment companies, having recruited more than 500,000 professionals for our 1000+ client base for an array of roles including sales and marketing, logistics, engineering, IT and BPO, HR, and more.

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a unique approach to staffing.

Our unique sourcing methodology sets us apart as a top placement consultant, ensuring success for both employers and candidates. We match an organization’s permanent and temporary staffing requirements with skilled professionals, acting as a bridge that leads the two to find each other.

We don’t just recruit employees, we build assets that help organizations scale new heights.

Placement agency

Placement agency

an ISO certified company.

Our passion to offer our customers the best, has earned us ISO 9001:2015 certification.

celebrating 60 years!

It started with a bicycle and an idea, the foundation of Randstad in 1960. 

Thank you all for your trust in us.  

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#inthistogether # anniversary

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