building a sustainable future.

It’s everyone’s job to give back to the society and we take pride in our ability to find suitable jobs for workers, and ideal candidates for our clients; but our commitment to society does not stop there.

simultaneous promotion of all interests

This is one of our core business values and highlights the responsibility we feel towards the people and communities we serve, worldwide.

voluntary service overseas (VSO)

Randstad has a far-reaching partnership with VSO. This public – private partnership started in 2004 and is fully in line with Randstad’s long-standing commitment to sustainability. Together, we have achieved a lot and we will continue to work towards building a more inclusive and sustainable society.

towards a better future

Our desire to apply our knowledge and skills to help alleviate poverty in communities outside our regular remit  have pushed many of our operating companies to take up activities that help raise awareness of VSO, increase volunteer numbers, and offer the possibility to volunteer to their staff.