misconduct reporting policy.

who you can talk to locally

  • If you suspect, or have evidence of workplace misconduct, we would like you to discuss it first with your manager or supervisor.
  • If this is not possible, talk to your HR manager, HR business partner, risk & audit manager, or legal counsel.
  • You may also write to speakup.lra@randstad.in or contact your local integrity officer: tapos.m@randstad.in for incidents relating to fraud, data breach, abuse of personal data and other privacy related matters, competition law or other compliance related issues.  

reporting using group reporting facility

  • If you feel reporting a workplace misconduct incident locally will be inappropriate or ineffective or such an action will put you in a compromised position, you can report by making use of the Randstad Group reporting facility as outlined in the link below.
  • To do this, call or message on the Integrity Line, even anonymously if desired, and mention as much information as possible. We encourage you to reveal your identity when reporting, as this greatly facilitates the investigation.

how are misconduct reports handled

  • Your message will be forwarded to the Local Integrity Officer and your report will be investigated. The Officer will treat all information confidentially and will ensure that any report is dealt with quickly, fairly and lawfully.
  • The results of any investigation will not be disclosed to anyone other than those individuals who have a legitimate business reason to know. If there is insufficient information, or an indication that a report has been made in bad faith, a Local Integrity Officer may decide not to investigate the report. False accusations may result in disciplinary action.
  • Randstad has a strict policy of non-retaliation against persons who make workplace misconduct reports under this policy. Reporting through the Integrity Line will not protect you automatically if you participated in the workplace misconduct.


Contact Details:

Randstad Group Reporting Facility

24 x 7 Toll Free Number:

0008 0044 01221  

Access Code: 42117

Language Options: English, Hindi

Web: https://www.speakupfeedback.eu/web/integrityatrandstad/in

Access Code: 42117

Language Options: English

How to report using the Randstad Group Reporting Facility

Click here for Randstad Misconduct Reporting Procedure