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Poised to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3%, the Indian economy is the fastest growing economy in the year 2018. It is also expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% in the next 2-3 years, as per a report published by the World Bank. This growth reflects increasing private consumption coupled with increased foreign direct investments. The country has even surpassed China – which is growing at a rate of 5.6% in terms of overall growth and purchasing power parity. 

This growth only indicates that the country has successfully surpassed and navigated the implementation of Goods and Services Tax and Demonetisation. Consequently, the investment rate is also expected to trickle down into the next following years, owing to the successful launch of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. The government of India has consistently laid focus on putting smart cities plan in motion – which has also resulted in increased investments from different sectors.  As per these statistics, the country will witness robust growth in the manufacturing as well as industrial and service sector. Notwithstanding the growth in the industrial output and manufacturing production – which is growing at a rate of 5.20% – the Indian economy also survives and thrives on its well-structured service sector. The service sector of the country is also known as the most dominant sector in the country as it contributes for 55.2% towards the total value added in a given financial year. It is further likely to add more value in the next following years. Therefore, as per the Reserve Bank of India, the country will receive exponential investments in the next few years. 

High Paying Human Resources Jobs

Indian Inc is driven by skilled and semi-skilled professionals who are required to join the ever-growing workforce of the country to contribute towards the overall growth. Forward-looking organizations are on the lookout for talented individuals who can contribute towards their growth. And this is where the need for the best HR jobs comes into the picture. Indian firms are known for their innovative organizational structure and they need driven professionals to drive their workforce. Professionals in human resource jobs are known for their skills in identifying the right talent required as per the firm’s demands. Needless to say, the driving force for any professional is salary while joining a new firm. This is true for HR related jobs as well. As per a survey conducted by Randstad, major Indian cities are paying high compensation for the right candidate. For instance, a senior HR generalist earns an average CTC of INR 20 lac per annum, while a senior HR business partner earns an average CTC of INR 22.92 lac per annum in Mumbai. As per the survey, a mid-level Payroll executive earns an average CTC of INR 14.30 lac per annum in Hyderabad, and an average CTC of INR 14 lac in Chennai. 

With experience for over 25 years and being the leading recruitment agency, Randstad is the place candidates can find excellent HR jobs. If you are looking for the best human resource jobs in India, then get in touch with Randstad for all your placement needs.

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