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Being the second most populous country in the world, India is also currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market. With an astounding subscriber base of 1.20 billion, India’s telecommunication market has been growing steadily for the past decade. With the arrival of the ‘unlimited service’ subscription, the telecom industry is set to expand even further. A statistic to support the fact: the number of mobile apps downloaded in India increased by 215% in the last two years.

As a result of this growth, the Indian telecom sector is expected to generate four million direct and indirect jobs in telecom by the year 2023 according to estimates by Randstad India. The estimates also suggest that the mobile industry could generate a total economic value of INR 14 trillion by the year 2023. 

The Indian Government continues to be proactive in providing room for growth for telecom companies and help make the rural regions better connected to the modern world. They hope to help digitally connect the rural and remote regions of the country by implementing a new affordable tariff structure with the principle motto “more you use, less you pay”. The changes will soon be implemented and will be reflected in the tariffs by the service providers in the country.

With the rise in mobile-phone penetration in the rural regions and decline in data costs brought upon by Reliance Jio, the mobile industry is projected to add 500 million new internet users in India by the year 2023, creating opportunities for new businesses. With Nokia looking to collaborate with Indian telecom companies like BSNL and Bharti Airtel to work on 5G technology, jobs in telecom will only grow in demand. The development of this network would need thousands of knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

As things stand now, telecom jobs fetch competitive salaries. A telecommunications hardware engineer’s average CTC in Mumbai stood at INR 11.83 lac per annum in 2016-17 while a senior in the field earned INR 24.05 lac per annum in Pune, the highest in the country. Technical specialists have the freedom to pick the city they are comfortable with as the average salary at a senior level is similar across major cities in India, averaging INR 20.0 lac per annum while mid-level manager salary averaged INR 14.00 lac per annum. A mid-level product manager made the highest CTC in Hyderabad at INR 14.90 lac per annum while a senior manager made INR 26.36 lac per annum. 

According to a report by Microsoft, India will have 700 million internet users by 2025, making up 15% of the global internet user base. With the government implementing favourable regulation policies and unlimited 4G service subscriptions hitting the market, the Indian telecommunication sector is expected to witness exponential growth resulting in the setup of up to 365 factories, thereby generating over 800,000 jobs by the year 2020. We, at Randstad, armed with years of experience can help you stay ahead of the curve and land the right jobs in telecom. Contact us for recruitment consulting expertise and personalized attention to each candidate.

Source: Randstad Salary Trends


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