why work with randstad?

We work with hundreds of great Indian employers, which means we can help you get through the door to great employers you'll be proud to work for. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent position, whether you have one or twenty years of experience, we want to offer you exciting professional opportunities. We will not have succeeded in our mission if you are not happy to receive a job offer at the end of the process. 

We are really here to facilitate your job search. Ready to start? Let's go!

support at every stage of your professional career.

We support you at all stages of your professional journey. We want to team up with you, whether you're new to the job market and need help building your resume or you're a seasoned job seeker who's heard it all before. We'll be there to offer you the advice you need, whether it's helping you create an outstanding CV or target excellent job opportunities.

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the benefits of working with randstad.

We analyze your skills and talents so that we can customize our approach to match your career goals and personality. Your ideal job is waiting for you and here is how we help you find it:

  • a recruiter eager to help you offers personalized advice
  • the focus is on jobs that match your career goals and personality
  • you benefit from advice for writing your CV and preparing for your interviews
  • most positions are permanent full-time jobs
  • you have access to the hidden job market, since up to half of the positions we fill are not posted online
  • working with a recruiter is free and poses no risk
  • diversity and inclusion are at the heart of our recruitment approach
  • we work with hundreds of major Indian employers