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our people are our greatest assets.

It's no secret: we're a company that is dedicated to our mission of shaping the world of work. That commitment makes us push ourselves as we strive to deliver the best for our clients and candidates.

our core values.

To know. To serve. To trust. Strive for perfection and Simultaneous promotion of all interests. This isn't just our mission statement, they're words we live by. We apply our core values to everything we do. It's the way we achieve our mission to become the leader in the world of work.

I love the fact that Randstad gives significant importance to having a people oriented culture and celebrates every small success; this motivates me as an individual & drives my team towards a common business goal

Harshal Goyal

the reward for work well done, is the opportunity to do more; and that is what I think I have received while working with Randstad.

Meenal Sharma

Randstad has been an exhilarating ride! 3 years, 3 service lines and 3 managers, the learning and insights have been rich and diverse. Thanks to Randstad for outstanding learning opportunities and challenging assignments that have helped me grow to be the professional that I am today. 

Ankita Banerjee

Randstad leaves no stone unturned to
create a positive learning environment where each employee feels a sense of belonging. One thing which
makes me feel more connected to Randstad with each passing day is that Randstad truly “Listens” 

Kapil Sachdeva
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