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HR Jobs in Maharashtra

Human Resource (HR) services have been around for decades in India. In the past few years, they have undergone radical developments owing to advancements in technology and a rise in the number of domestic multi-nationals companies. The sector continues to grow at a rapid pace, having established its importance in the survival and expansion of an organization.

As a key driver of the Indian economy, the service sector contributed a total of USD 18.7 billion of service exports in the first quarter of 2018-19. Human resources are a large part of the overall service industry, thus contributing significantly to the country’s GDP and large-scale employment. The prime areas of work of the HR department include recruitment and staffing, manpower planning, industrial relations, training and development, payroll, human resource administration, performance and appraisal, talent management, and so on. 

With a growing need for high-performing talent, HR professionals now turn to analytics to solve critical questions regarding employee retention, skills gap, and workforce planning and so on. In India, 14% of the HR jobs are centred on analytics. Over the past five years, there has been a 77% rise in specialized analytics experts in HR. Data scientist, diversity analytics specialist, and talent analytics director all fall under the analytics department of HR. A fast-changing business landscape is overseeing the creation of jobs in HR in the country. 

Find the Best HR Vacancies in Maharashtra

Like any other part of the country, HR jobs in Maharashtra are in great demand due to the presence of financial hubs like Mumbai and Pune. A look at salary trends indicates the favourable opportunities in the sector. In 2016-17, a senior talent acquisition human resource manager in Mumbai made an annual income of INR 31.67 lac per annum while a senior payroll human resource manager made INR 28.75 lac per annum, both the highest across the country. Pune wasn’t far behind; a senior training human resource official in the city earned INR 27.45 lac per annum. Salary trends across the state are a testament to well-paying HR jobs in Maharashtra.

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