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Jobs in Agriculture and Seeds

Since the eighteenth century, the agriculture (agro) industry has been an integral part of India’s economy. With vast, fertile lands for growing crops, India has held its position among the top agriculture producers in the world. Today, the agriculture industry employs more than 50% of the workforce of India and makes up for 18% of India’s GDP. The seed industry, a subsidiary of agriculture, works both in conjunction with and as a standalone industry and adds to its growth prospects.

During FY 2017-18, food grain production in India was estimated to be 279.51 million tons. Rice and wheat production, on the other hand, was estimated to be 111.52 MT and 98.61 MT respectively. The production of horticulture crops was estimated to be a record 307.16 million tons in 2017-18, making India the second largest fruit producer in the world. Agricultural exports from India grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.45% between FY10 and FY18 to reach US$ 38.21 billion in FY18. 

India is also the largest producer, consumer, and exporter of spices and spice products. Spice exports from India reached US$ 3.1 billion in FY17, the highest they have ever been. Tea exports from India reached a 36 year high at 240.68 million kg in CY2017. India is also the seventh largest coffee producer in the world; coffee exports reached a record 395,000 tons in 2017-18.

With the rapid growth in our population, the agriculture and seed industry will grow. While other sectors may face saturation and massive layoffs, jobs in agro and seeds will be secure as the industry continues to flourish. India is expected to double its farm income by 2022. The agriculture sector in India is expected to generate better momentum in the next few years due to increased investments in agricultural infrastructure such as irrigation facilities, warehousing, and cold storage. This, subsequently, would lead to more jobs in agro and seeds. 

Agro and seed jobs are not limited to farming anymore. From management to R&D, skilled labour is in demand. Jobs in agriculture can fetch you a hefty salary as well. Among Indian cities, salary trends say Bengaluru offered the highest average CTC at INR 14.64 lac per annum, followed closely by Mumbai at INR 14.24 lac per annum in 2016-17. Bengaluru also topped pay at the senior level with average CTC of INR 28.08 lac per annum. Mumbai came in second at INR 27.06 lac per annum. At the junior level, Kolkata topped the list with INR 5.72 lac per annum while Bengaluru followed with INR 5.46 per annum. 

When looking for jobs in agriculture, you can now find roles in plant management, production, finance, accounting, quality, and so on. At Randstad, there is no dearth of roles across levels and verticals. With our customized placement services, we help you land the role of your dreams. At Randstad, you find just the right job in agro and seed you need. 

Source: Randstad Salary Trends

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