MUMBAI: Boundaries are fast disappearing when it comes to hiring by Indian companies. Organizations in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and automobiles to retail and paints actively scout for global talent to fill key positions locally. While technology has helped, given that curriculum vitae are openly available today, what's driving the trend is also the resolve of Indian companies to tap into the best talent available in the world. 

Another important factor is rising salary levels in India. This, say experts, has made foreign talent more accessible to Indian companies.

Dr Reddy's Laboratories, Asian Paints, Landmark Group and Wockhardt are among the employers pursuing global talent for local positions. Venkataramana B, president-group HR, Landmark Group, which owns Lifestyle International, said: "For certain roles and positions, we are open to recruiting talent globally. As we speak, we are looking at candidates from other countries for key roles for some of our businesses. However, what we would do is a benchmarking for these roles for arriving at a compensation. In my career of over three decades in HR, I can tell you that the gap in salary between Indian top performers and expats has reduced considerably. Today, in India also we need to pay that much or even more."

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