Inflating your academic or professional credentials could get you the job you desire, but could also lead to your downfall Those who assume that organisations simply archive resume copies without ascertaining its veracity and no one ever gets caught, could be in for a shock.

This is not an isolated case. Candidates also commit more far serious offences like forgery. "Quite often, just to get a raise, candidates forge their last drawn salary figure. There are instances where telephonic interviews are rigged, and candidates ask qualified personnel to give interviews on their behalf," notesMoorthy K Uppaluri, CEO of HR consulting major Randstad India. In the IT sector, he says has come across candidates who seek to boost their project experiences by listing projects done by their friends or peers. Similarly, dubious technical institutes giving away fake job experience certificates to candidates from companies affiliated to their institutes also exist. Other frauds include candidates providing false qualification details and concealing the number of times they have switched jobs. "This is to ensure they are not seen as unstable," says Uppaluri. 

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