Dr Moorthy Uppaluri has more than 15 years of experience in executive leadership positions at Randstad, Microsoft, GE and other MNCs in organization building, strategic business planning, integrated execution, process improvement and business acumen. He is now leading a workforce of over 60,000 people at Randstad in India. In a free-wheeling chat at the launch of the 2015 Randstad Employer Branding report, we talk to him about what lies ahead.

There are a few salient trends that have emerged significantly in the last year. To begin with, people have moved away from the mental stigma associated with flex work and there is now a definite movement towards it. Another significant trend is competency based hiring. Hiring is no longer taking place simply through a job description. We, as a company go a step further and do a three-dimensional fit study: Firstly, is the person the right fit for the job; secondly can the person work with a particular boss: and finally will the employee fit in with the company’s culture. 

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