While the trend of hiring flexi employees is on the rise in India, there is still a long way to go towards giving flexi workers the compensation their permanent counterparts get. As the economy gears up for an increasing contribution from the contract staff, Brinda Dasgupta tells you how to keep flexi employees motivated

1 Be Inclusive - The key to keeping contract workers feeling that they're part of the organisation is to have a high level of engagement with them. “As companies create flexibility in their staffing plans, care needs to be taken to place both perma nent and temporary employees on the same platform,“ says Moorthy Uppaluri, CEO, Randstad India.

2 Stay Unbiased - Human resource heads should show no differentiation between permanent and flexi employees, especially in terms of remuneration. “Motivation can also be given through various engagement programmes and incentives,“ says Kunal Sen, senior vice president at TeamLease Services.

3 Give Training - Organisations instituting a flexi staffing model must give temporary employees access to appropriate resources to improve productivity and workflow.“Engage with flexi workers to boost productivity,“ says Uppaluri. Allow flexi employees to attend meetings, and give opportunities for mentoring and feedback from senior management.

4 Think Differently - Having a flexi staffing arrangement may spur an organization to think outside the box. Personalised skill development training can motivate temporary workers to reach optimum productivity. “There are instances where flexi employees get access to role-specific, product-specific training, which helps build future employability skills,“ says Rituparna Chakraborty, president of Indian Staffing Federation.

5 Provide Rewards - Employees respond to recognition based on performance. Rewards and recognition will go a long way towards motivating flexi employees, feels Sen.“In cases of exceptional implementation of tasks and capability, they should be absorbed into permanent roles.“

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