Moving forward is the mantra of Paul Dupuis, CEO of staffing and HR solutions firm Randstad India. And he believes in 'doing well' and 'doing good'. This simple motto has helped him shape a new world for himself and the people around him. After living in some of the most vibrant countries, the Canadian professional is now in India, not only 'helping people find job' but also leading his organisation in taking up social responsibilities which other Chief Executive Officers (CEO) would normally dismiss as mere adventurism. It's during one of those adventures that Outlook caught up with the life-long ice hockey fanatic and the CEO of Randstad India in Leh, then in Delhi and talked about a myriad of things. Dupuis, who turned 52 on February 11, has been visiting Ladakh for some years, trying to connect with his first love, ice. Here are excerpts. Click here to read more