In any business, customer acquisition is an inherent, ongoing process, indispensable for the organisation for several reasons. The business boom in the country has created huge demand for companies providing customer-acquisition solutions. In a broad term, this Bengaluru-based company seems to be working in customer acquisition. However, it claims to differ itself from others on various technological grounds.

LeadSquared beta was released in March of 2013. Since then, it has managed to show around 20 per cent month on month growth. It works on SAAS-based model and charges based on the number of contacts people want to manage and the number of users.With over 250 clients in India, including Flipkart, Byju’s, Vedantu, Deltin, Randstad, TimesPro and many more, the company is looking forward to generating over USD 1.5 million in revenue in 2015-16. 

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