Fresh graduates should be able to think beyond their core discipline and possess people skills, say experts: MOORTHY K UPPALURI ​- ​CEO, Randstad India 

In today's highly competitive job environment, having a degree that highlights one's core competencies and skills is not enough. Employers attribute an increased importance to the `attitude' factor along with the `aptitude'. Companies tend to look at a complete package while hiring fresh graduates and candidates need to go that extra mile to make the cut. 

Here are some essential skills that can help one land a coveted job: Communication skills: The most significant way to sail through the interview is to polish one's communication skills, both written and verbal. This is the best way to stand out as a worthy candidate. 

Aptitude for leadership: It is not just the academic record and domain expertise that matter, but also your proficiency to be a great leader. Not every body can master this skill; however, one can work on building their inherent leadership qualities by taking initiatives and responsibility. 

People skills: Good interpersonal skills are key as they reflect the fact that you are sociable and can work harmoniously with others. Interviewers usually test one's team playing skills through questions relating to real life scenarios, including participation in extra-curricular activities. Analytical thinking: Impromptu thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial for the job market. Willingness to learn and being proactive: It is vital to come across as independent and not someone who needs to be pushed to complete tasks.

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