Once upon a time, retiring meant a gold watch from one’s employer, a house (with a garden) in the suburbs, a small pension from a lifetime of investments, and years of boredom. It also meant cutting corners – but that scourge was not always as severe as now, thanks to inexorably increasing living costsInvestment banker Neha Sethi claims she was plain bored after a stint with Bear Stearns in New York and another with Goldman Sachs in Mumbai. Today, she runs a dessert café in Mumbai called Sweetish House Mafia. Before starting the café, she sold baked goods out of a Nano car, which she drove around Mumbai.“People willing to take risks and those who have some degree of financial security are more likely to pursue a second career,” says Moorthy Uppaluri, CEO of human resources firm Randstad India. And, of course, any previous experience will help in some way. “There might be functional and domain skills that a person develops which can be reused in a different domain,” says Uppaluri.

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